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Hell for an Extrovert

With only 9 weeks left, or 32 full work days left, it is starting to TRULY grind on and on. I’m OH so very close to the next big chapter in life and closing the last tethers of the old one and leaving it completely behind as I start College, BUT OH GOD IS THE LAST BIT INSANE….

I must say, for an extroverted person who craves discussion and interaction working alone, in near silence with nothing but the same horrible songs playing over and over AND OVER is oddly hellish and freaky in its banal mundane weirdness. SO VERY CLOSE to being done with it, YET Fuck… another couple of weeks of the most intense and harrowing stress test of life.

Then again its not as bad as some. A friend/ex lost part of her right leg (Which definitely sucks harder) and its mostly just a trivial endurance test but OH FUCK…. am I sick of long lasting endurance tests.

"Why are you Spartan women the only ones who can rule men?" "Because we are also the only ones who give birth to men." Gorgo, Queen of Sparta and wife of Leonidas, as quoted by Plutarch


Ancient Greeks favoured homosexuality not because they were oh so tolerant but because they were misogynists and believed you should only have sex with women for the sake of procreation and lesbians were banned can everyone please stop glorifying that now Please

Technically inaccurate…. Kinda….

The most common form of same sex relations that we have records of is pederasty, which means an adult male and a prepubescent boy. Things also become complicated, we do have the Poet Sappho who wrote of love between girls particularly in the Thiasoi which were limited schools for girls. 

Also the relative position of women in Greek society varied by Polics or City-State. Athens? Totally sucked to have a vagina there. Sparta? OMG so much nicer. The problem is documentation of Lesbianism is really REALLY sparse from the period the world over. Mainly because the Greeks as a general rule didn’t give a shit what women did besides the baby parts. With the one shining example being the Spartans who seemed to be the all around best of the Greeks IMHO. XDDD

From Sparta we have actual depictions of naked women, while the rest of Greece almost never depicted it. Likewise depictions of lesbianism and Plato’s Symposium mentions women who “do not care for men, but have female attachments.” 

One other element to consider is class in this. We have records of what the wealthiest of the wealthy Greeks, and mostly Athenian Greeks thought. Most homosexual relations talked about and depicted of both male-male and female-female are mostly pederasty, which makes ancient Greece the pedophilia dreamland. There is also some evidence that poorer and lower class Greeks found the practices of the upper crust abhorrent. 

Honestly the topic is interesting, but slightly more complex due to each City-State being relatively different. I agree however, Athens, for certain was a terrible place for women and women were basically considered to have the same social statue as pets, children and cattle. But Nearby Sparta might as well have been a different planet especially if you had XX chromosome arrangement.


I, for one, can’t wait for the destruction of traditional family values

Considering the United States is…

1) A place were a fairly startling number of families effectively drive away their kids at any specific age, OR turn them into an income stream and go from parent to landlord…

2) Half or more by now of straight marriages simply collapse and a big reason given is boredom of one or both partners, OR lack of money…

3) Most seniors are left to rot in retirement homes…

4) If you’re not white, a few members are rotting in jail forever (Heck even if you are white theres at least one a lot of the time)

5) Your average American female, to secure enough money or general resources to securely birth and raise a child JUST to 18 would take nearly her entire reproductive years to gather and by the time she is ready to even make this baby her ovaries are dead and gone…

I’d ask… What Families exist with any values that could constitute a tradition?

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