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but why

Because it got burned. All of that knowledge, lost forever.

The library was destroyed over 1000’s of years ago. The library consisted of thousands of scrolls and books about mathematics, engineering, physiology, geography, blueprints, medicine, plays, & important scriptures. Thinkers from all over the Mediterranean used to come to Alexandria to study.Most of the major work of civilization up until that point was lost. If the library still survived till this day, society may have been more advanced and we would sure know more about the ancient world.

The “Library,” was actually destroyed several times. What the contents of the Library of Alexandria were has been a point of popular myth but honestly we likely lost very little from its MULTIPLE destruction. For one, that Chart…. how is scientific progress measured? KiloSagans or Tysongrams? it’s never mentioned.

What was destroyed by order of Thelophilus in 391 was the Serapeum, not The Great Library. The Library had mostly been destroyed a century earlier, and if there was anything left in the Serapeum it was a handful of books, which seem to have not mattered much since the contemporary sources don’t talk about The Library. The library likely had little in the way of what we would consider Science as Science didn’t really exist at the time, not Empirical science. Most of the great “Sciences,” were little more then impractical thought experiments done by some Greeks, for whom most never set foot in said alleged amazing Library that by the way was burned down by accident by Julius Caesar. More over the Library consisted of papyrus scrolls mostly, which degraded over a course of just a few years, meaning it took an army of scribes just to maintain the collection. As is known about Papyrus “One of the real problems with papyrus was its fragility. Damp destroys it (there are few if any papyrus palimpsests), which is why papyrus manuscripts survive only in Egypt and a few other very dry locations. And while exposure to dry conditions is not as quickly destructive, the papyrus does turn brittle in dry conditions. It would be almost impossible make a standard reference volume, say, on papyrus; it just wouldn’t last.” Alexandria being a coastal city meant most books would be lost in just a few short years. Depending on whom was in charge and the staff at the time of a recopying, texts could be lost simply because the editor didn’t like them. Likewise Alexandria’s thirst to add books to the collection would be needed as MANY texts would simply rot in the damp coastal boggy air of the Nile Delta.

By the way, the “Dark Ages,” Were hardly Christian in origin. For one, the Byzantine Empire was equally Christian and did not plunge into Chaos as the Western Roman Empire did. Likewise the Middle Ages saw many philosophers and thinkers of their own like Alcuin of York, the Venerable Bede, Gregory the Great, Pope Sylvester II, Adelard of Bath, Rabanus Maurus, St. Anselm of Canterbury, and many, many more. The time period also includes the early lives of Roger Bacon and Thomas Aquinas.

We all want to imagine that there was some magical piece of knowledge from some distant age that IF ONLY it survived we would by cruising the stars by now, but really that is just modern fantasy. We want to imagine how great it would be.


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"Greetings from Astaria, a bright blue new home for us all. Orbited by are bright Silver-Green Moon and blessed with a wonderful climate and none of the cataclysmic issues of our old mother world, Astaria will be our new home." - Survey Corp Plaque. Centralia Rail Station.

Astaria, the name given to the wondrous world that a small city sized craft landed upon one hundred and seventy five years ago. Of course years is relative, upon precise measurement a new calender has been made. The era before arrival and after. It is the year 175 AA. Much has changed since a single bunker magi-tech city built by the ancestral Dark Elves became a cosmopolitan wonderland and was later teleported off the old world with its deadly fallout, horrible magic storms, damaged geology and polluted atmosphere. The ancient weapons, the Balefire machines were tooled to new purpose, and unbeknownst to us we were set to travel. 

The city, Once called Zinthas, in the language of Drow, was now called Astyr after the ancient Elven Titan deity for which this world was named. Though in many other languages the name translates as “Centralia.” The vast city of 10 million souls formed the core of the settlers who would come to call Astaria home.

In this time new settlements and provinces have been established. Vespis, Tamaria, Athasis, New Magar, Keldra, Al-Sabylia, and the Maeb among many others. 

We arrived on the world somewhere in its southern hemisphere, as our farthest northern survey teams found the tropics to our far north, or at least going by magnetic north and south. 

The night sky is radiant, with the bright silver moon speckled with veins of green adamentine. The parent star is a lustrous yellow, and the stars have already taken shape in the peoples imagination with a whole pantheon of constellations. Though we know not what has become of our homeworld, or its people, we press on for some day we may make contact again, And if the world of our origins is never to be seen again, then this world shall be the host to the old worlds life. The colonist races, and the host of animals and plants that were within the great city upon our arrival. 

We collectively have formed the World Assembly, and our Colony States are protected by our own militias, and of course the glorious Survey Corp whom has collected data, expanded our lands and assured the safety and prosperity of our people as we settle this virgin world. Under a successful string of leaders and good policy we have avoided unrest, xeno-animal incursions, and of course expanded from a mere city to the southern stretch of this new continent we have dubbed Madara, in memory of our homeworld.

Welcome, Astaria awaits.


person: but what if your parents had aborted YOU
me: well okay for starters i wouldn’t have been forced to hear that stupid ass comment you just made

It is my opinion that, If one is truly opposed to the practice of abortion they should strive…

(1) To never get one themselves. If you oppose something do not practice it.

(2) In the case of others, perhaps creating a social order and conducive environment that might make people think bringing a child into it is less devastating then not. In these discussions, Anti-Abortion rhetoric tends to fixate on the morality of the actual act, ignoring the underlying reasons the abortion is being carried out.

(3) Threats and murder against providers kills the notion of “Pro-Life,” IMHO. 

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Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.
July 21st, 1951 - August 11th, 2014

Thank you for bringing joy into my childhood and life with your voice and acting. Thank you for your contagious jokes, your wacky impersonations, and amazing acting. Thank you for making my childhood experience better, and thank you for bringing joy to those even though you battled with your own joy. If only you could have known how much you’ve impacted people. Your life work will live on, and you will never be forgotten. I know I won’t forget you. Thank you for helping me whenever I felt sad and having a film for every mood. Gone, but never forgotten.

This man’s death has so unusually hit me. Probably because his movies are among my favorites. Aladdin and Jumanji being forever the greatest things in the world to me. But more, the fact that I could identify with him. A hardcore Zelda fan, person that makes everyone laugh, a high spirit. But likewise I understand those anxieties. Maybe not his of course, his life and struggle were different, and ultimately he succumbed to them tragically. 

People who make others laugh, it is very true that often there are personal demons within. For me it’s fear of abandonment, loneliness and a crippling inability to handle it well. That fear can drive me to really dark places and intense fears. I’ll forever be torn between wanting closeness so badly and an eternal fear that I will be abandoned always. Even though it is just a fact of life that people abandon other people no matter what. People you may depend on, people you may love, family, friends, lovers, anybody. For me it’s been my iron will to prevail over it, to defeat it, or maybe pure unbridled spite? I don’t really know. Or maybe a prolific arrogance. Either way, I can empathize.

I’d like to think I understand it a bit. I make my friends laugh, in my area I’m known to make people laugh, bring a certain amount of joy. But it is true, probably for most people with that curious quality, there is a deep abyss as dark as our light is bright, that scares us and keeps us awake at night. I prefer to envision it as some horrible creature, something the Nightvale City Council might build a Forbidden Dog Park for. But, I’ve learned somewhat to live with it. Though recently yes, my abilities have been tested, I take this great mans story to heart.

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electricbodysexylogic asked:

Have you heard of Robin William's passing? Horrible to think he's gone. I like to think that he just returned to his lamp or went back in the jungle in Jumanji.




Awwww, that’s a wonderful way to think of it! In a way, that’s the best way to think of it, because Robin Williams was, to me, the epitome of never growing up. He was this man-child that inspired me to believe I didn’t have to sacrifice the wonder of childhood that I’ve been afraid of losing. Even with his passing, I hold on to that, because he DID do wonderful things for this world. He was my childhood, and I will not let that go easily. He and Dick Van Dyke were two actors I knew I would cry about when they died, I definitely have shed tears tonight. But they’re tears that validate how much he meant to me, and how much his message of his life meant to me. He’s gone back to Neverland, back into the lamp, back into the jungle, and there he will never grow up.

and this, dear people of tumblr, is thomas sanders’ sensitive side (i like it) i’m going to miss robin williams

I want to cry…this is beautiful

He will always be Genie to me. 

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